Google Ads Character Limits

I’m sure everybody who has ever had to write an Google Ads ad is familiar with the (often frustrating) Google Ads character limits.

Just in case, let’s quickly reprise them:

  • Headline – 25 characters
  • Description Line 1 – 35 characters
  • Description Line 2 – 35 characters
  • Display URL – 35 characters

Easy enough to remember, but not necessarily that easy to stick to when you’re writing ads. In fact, I doubt there’s an Google Ads user out there who hasn’t wished for just one more character sometimes.

Imagine our surprise this morning when we noticed this:

Adwords Character Limits Exceeded

Is Google Testing Increased Character Limits?

To save you the trouble of counting, that’s 65 characters for the first description line, and 53 for the second. A total of 118 characters for the description, instead of the standard 70.

Is Google testing increased character limits? Are ads going to have the 512 pixel limit that page titles now have? We don’t know. And this is the only one we’ve seen so far.

Let us know if you’ve seen anything similar, or if you know about a test, and we’ll do the same if we find more of them.