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Write Better Website Content

Writing content for your website can be one of the most challenging parts of getting a new site. Whether it's sales related content for the main areas of the site, or articles for your blog to inform and educate visitors, or improve your search engine optimisation, it's important to get it right. With that in [...]

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Brands & Storytelling: Tell Stories That Matter To You

Telling stories is part of our makeup as human beings. We have been gathered around a “fire” for thousands of years, and the sharing, and eventual documenting, of stories has been a human constant throughout recorded history, and undoubtedly even before. As much as the world has changed, and social media, video chatting and many [...]

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Stay Online – Stay In Business

In the latest case of retail brick and mortar stores struggling to compete in an increasingly e-commerce focused environment, US toy giant "Toys 'R' Us" has filed for bankruptcy in the middle of the run-up to the lucrative holiday season. This is one of the largest speciality retailers ever to file for bankruptcy, and although [...]

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Desktop And Mobile Usage Compared

In the last few years, there's no doubt that a growing amount of website traffic comes from mobile devices. As more and more people get access to the internet via their phones, mobile has become one of the leading priorities in online marketing. As a result, Google is putting a lot of emphasis on mobile [...]

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2017 Internet Trends To Look Out For

Since 2001 Mary Meeker has been delivering annual web trend reports, shedding some light on what direction the internet trend scale will take throughout the year. This years report boasted some 355 slides predicting where web trends are headed. Key Points From The Report Increased Internet Usage Internet usage has increased by about 4% compared [...]

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The Worst Online Advertising Techniques

Online shopping is one of the biggest phenomenons on the World Wide Web. Because so many people opt to browse online for products before purchasing, It‘s no wonder online ads are getting more intrusive and aggressive in hopes of driving sales. Why Do People Dislike Online Ads? The downside to most online ads is they [...]

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Google Increases Ad Transparency For Publishers

Google has introduced two new updates in their AdSense feature that will increase transparency for publishers regarding  AdSense policy violations, hopefully making it quicker and easier to understand, and resolve, policy violations. Page Level Action Policy To begin with, Google has made changes regarding how they address AdSense policy violations, improving the technology and refining [...]

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How To Eliminate Duplicate My Business Listings

Google My Business listings offer a great way of getting users to your site, and even directly to your business. But as an almost entirely automated system, there is a lot that can go wrong with them, and they can be difficult to fix. The most common problems are duplicate listings, or incorrect information.  The [...]

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Improving Your Ecommerce With Social Media

The relationship between social media and sales has always been a difficult one. Not only can socially driven ecommerce be tricky to measure, but social media users don't usually want people invading their social spaces in an attempt to sell them things. However, according to the experts, there are things you can keep in mind [...]

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Does Your Company Need Facebook Marketing?

Well, according to experts, the answer is probably "Yes." And why is that you may ask? Because Facebook generates more advertising revenue than any of its social media peers. According to Forbes.com ““Marketers also stated that Facebook is one of their top 10 most effective channels, with 73% saying it’s either "very effective" or "effective [...]

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