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Nobody Can Guarantee First Place On Google

If anybody ever tells you that they can guarantee you a first place result on Google, then it’s time to tread very warily. Net Age has been in the business of search engine optimisation for more than ten years, and we won’t guarantee any such thing. And frankly, you should be suspicious of anybody who […]

The SEO Quick-Fix Illusion

One of the major misconceptions about search engine optimisation, (SEO), is that it’s a quick fix that SEO professionals can simply add onto your finished website after the fact, to help you get the best rankings. In reality though, SEO is nothing of the sort. Rather, SEO is a focused strategy that needs to be […]

Importance of Keyword Research in Optimising Your Website and Getting Business

What Is Keyword Research? Keyword research is the art of finding the keywords your potential customers are using on the search engines, then determining how to incorporate those keywords into your marketing strategy. Through keyword research you can determine what words your customers, and even your competitors, are using most. This gives you an advantage […]

Importance of Keyword Research

The first step in realising the importance of keyword research is that of acceptance. Accepting that you, in actual fact, do not speak the same language as your customers and clients, you don’t know how they think, or what they want to gain from your services. In marketing, we speak in the language of solutions, […]

Is Content King?

The importance of content, good, quality content, on your website is second-to-none in terms of link building and optimisation for organic searches. The Power of Inbound Links I know that it cannot be denied that quality, relevant inbound links give your website unmatched credibility in the eyes of search engines, like Google, and that that credibility gets […]

Content Writing As Writing

The net abounds with all manner of useful hints, tips and tricks aimed at producing content writing that will successfully market your website or blog. More than in any other form this advice appears as articles written by webmasters and freelance content writers whose experience in the field has proven invaluable to those, like myself, […]