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New Structured Data Markup Released

Earlier this month, Google released an update to their structured data which analysts suggest points to an ever increasing rise in the importance of user experience, and usability.  Structured data markup is a way of applying "labels" to various parts of your content in order to make it easier for computers to understand what that [...]

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Google Penguin Update Expected Soon

According to a Tweet from Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, earlier this month, the long awaited and much expected update to the Google Penguin algorithm is expected to roll out within "weeks." Or at the very latest, by the end of this quarter. Penguin, for those of you who have trouble keeping track, is [...]

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A New Way To Calculate PageRank

A recent patent filed by Google suggests that the search giant may be considering a change to the way that pages are assigned rank by their algorithm.  The original PageRank system calculated the value of a page largely by determining the number and source of links pointing to a page, and despite the obvious limitations [...]

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Google Removing Inactive My Business Listings

In the wake of a recent announcement by Google that they would be removing Google My Business listings that were unverified, or which had no activity, we've seen a few of our clients lose their Google My Business listings. As a result, we just wanted to remind you that it's essential to make sure that [...]

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Mobile SEO – Ranking In Mobile Search

As everybody knows by now, Google encourages sites to be mobile friendly.  In fact, since the "Mobilegeddon" algorithm update in April of this year, mobile-friendliness has been treated as a "significant" ranking factor. The reason for this focus on mobile friendliness is pretty obvious.  Earlier this month, Google reported that more than half of Google [...]

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How Important Are The Latest Ranking Factors

A recent study published on Moz examined the relative impacts of the latest ranking factors released by Google on both informational and commercial queries. As you'll recall, those two ranking factors are mobile friendliness, and HTTPS, both new ranking factors announced by Google last year, and rolled out in the intervening time period. Mobile Friendliness [...]

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7 Pack Becomes 3 Pack For Local Results

As of the beginning of this month, Google began implementing a change to the way that the local results are displayed in search.  Where we've been used to search engine results displaying 7 local listings (with the map on the side), Google has now replaced this with only 3 local listings displayed in-line with the [...]

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Optimise PDF Files For SEO

If you upload PDF's to your site for your visitors to read or download, it's a good idea to keep in mind that in many cases, Google can read that PDF and even display its contents in search engine results.  As far as Google is concerned, a PDF is just another type of web page, [...]

Google Panda Refresh In Progress

After months of relative quite, Google announced last week that they had begun rolling out the newest update to the infamous Panda algorithm, designed to reduce search engine rankings for low quality sites. This update brings Panda (first released in 2011) to version 4.2, and is the 29th official update to the algorithm.  According to [...]

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Could Facts Become Google Ranking Signal?

Google has recently published a paper that could look to drastically shake up the way they rank their index in the future. While the level of data handling in the paper is still somewhat hypothetical, Google is looking into using the validity of content on a webpage as a primary ranking signal. In basic terms, [...]

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