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Small Things That Drastically Affect SEO

Most people who have done the smallest amount of research on organic SEO know all the basic mantras and their importance. You will likely know that content is king and that you should use relevant keywords in moderation, build links with respected websites and that meta- data is becoming less important. But it’s often the [...]

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Google Looking to Make More User Sign-In When Searching

The last few years have seen quite a distinct separation of interests of webmasters and popular search engines, mostly at the hands of Google. While many understood the value of hiding the full details of a search engine’s ranking algorithm, to stop outright abuse by spammers, many webmasters found 2011’s decision to begin encrypting the [...]

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Is Google Search Engine Optimization Excluding SMEs

When Google originally envisioned SEO, it was seen as the great internet equaliser. It didn’t matter how much money you had or the size of your marketing department, you still had to create a site with quality content that seemed the most relevant to search engine users. However, spam ran rampant as there is was [...]

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Creating Effective Content for Organic SEO

Anyone who’s done any mild investigation into SEO has no doubt run into the mantra of content being king. We know that if you want quality organic SEO results, you need to load your site with quality value adding content. But what many aren’t that sure of is what quality content consists of, practically. One [...]

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Simple Tweaks to Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy for Laymen

Many of the tips that are given for an effective SEM strategy are often beyond the technical capabilities of a normal website owner, who perhaps just hired an SEO company to do some light optimisation. Below, we explore some simple tricks and tips you can use to rank better that don’t require any type in-depth [...]

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Factors Affecting Google+ Local Search Engine Marketing

The release of Google Plus’s Local Search feature was to many websites a sign of a completely new era in local search engine marketing. One in which a commerce websites no longer had to compete with gigantic international ones for a high ranking in the SERP. All they had to do now was have a [...]

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4 Reasons Most Guaranteed Search Engine Placement Ads Lie

If you’re a webmaster, you likely receive dozen of emails each month from SEO companies or individual consultants who promise to take your websites ranking to number one in the search engine results. They often even offer a money back guarantee if you don’t get the results you want. Firstly, let’s have a look at [...]

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Incorporating Auto Complete Into SEO Strategy

As people use the internet more and more to conduct research for purchase decisions, the need to maintain a good brand image and decrease the visibility of negative statements on this medium, becomes just as important as it is in the physical market. This is known as Online Reputation Management (ORM). Google’s Auto-complete (the 4 [...]

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Link Building Factors an SEO Company Must Know

The practice of link building has undergone quite a lot of changes recently. Whereas before it used to be a giant free for all, where webmasters used any method at their disposal to get a bigger link profile, these days poor link building can do a lot more harm than it could’ve ever done good. [...]

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Keyword Research For SEO And PPC

It's becoming harder and harder to find meaningful data on organic search from Google. But one of the few data resources they do still maintain is their keyword data. Whether this is due to their obligations to their primary revenue stream, advertisers, is anyone’s guess, but the data is there. But even though it’s the [...]

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