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Link Building Factors an SEO Company Must Know

The practice of link building has undergone quite a lot of changes recently. Whereas before it used to be a giant free for all, where webmasters used any method at their disposal to get a bigger link profile, these days poor link building can do a lot more harm than it could’ve ever done good. […]

Keyword Research For SEO And PPC

It’s becoming harder and harder to find meaningful data on organic search from Google. But one of the few data resources they do still maintain is their keyword data. Whether this is due to their obligations to their primary revenue stream, advertisers, is anyone’s guess, but the data is there. But even though it’s the […]

Search Targeting And Multiple Languages

A lot of websites who optimise their pages for multinational search often struggle with translation problems. They’ll often find that the traffic figures from these foreign language countries are disproportionally lower. The cultural nuances which often affect translations can be a real complication. Just because a keyword does technically translate into a corresponding foreign language […]

PPC Better Than SEO For Small Budgets

Google’s recent trend of emphasising paid search results, and giving them more and more room on the front page of search engine results, leaving less space for organic results, has generated considerable debate about what businesses should be doing. In a similar vein, a recent study by SEOMoz has revealed that PPC ads receive over […]

Questionable Keyword Strategies That Still Work

As search engine algorithms become increasingly sophisticated, and as the search engines publicise these advancements, many SEO practitioners have been led to believe that many of the keyword strategies they used to employ have been cracked down on. However, a user will still find low quality and generally spammy sites on the first page of […]

Link Locations and Their Effectiveness

Links have been the subject of great contention, amongst both search engines and search engine optimisers. The problem is search engines still have to be wary of link-building because it’s used abusively for SEO and webmasters doing honest link-building are tired of either having their link-building rendered redundant, or worse yet, actually being punished for […]

Link-Building Still to Be Around For a While

In search engine optimisation, we obviously have to base our practices on what we observe from ranking shifts and, equally importantly, from what search engines are willing to tell us. And what Google and Bing had been saying for a while, was that link signals in SEO were going to get valued less and less […]

Using SEO in the Foundations of Website Design

In an ideal world, search engine optimisation shouldn’t be something that gets done as an afterthought. If you’re really intending to succeed at online marketing, then search engine optimisation is something you need to take into account from the very moment you start planning on building a website. Environmental Analysis Use your company’s existing marketing […]

The War on Free Clicks by Google

A recent study by SEO Software company, WordStream has revealed some interesting results of Google’s recent intense focus on web spam and the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising as opposed to organic SEO. These were based on a study of 1000 Google Ads accounts over a period of 60 days. Some auxiliary data was also taken into […]

SEO Best Practices

Since the release of Google’s algorithms Panda and Penguin, a lot of SEO practitioners have been left wondering how effective the traditional optimisation practice are, which formed the foundation of SEO. But many misunderstood the purpose of these algorithms, which was to make web crawlers more intuitive of human interest and cut down on spamming […]