Expanded Placement Options For Google App Ads

At the same time as Google is planning on restricting or removing targeted ads from kids videos, they’re also introducing more placement options for their app ads.

At the moment, ads display on the Play Store and YouTube, in search engine results, and on over 3 million other sites and apps. But according to a recent report, the options could soon include the Discover feed, as well as other parts of YouTube.

Google Discover Ads

Implemented in 2017, Google Fed was introduced to deliver relevant content to users, even when they are not searching for anything. With over 800 million monthly users, the app has seen huge growth in the last two years, and while it was later rebranded as Google Discover, it was otherwise largely unchanged.

Now however, this feed will apparently include an ads placement option that is currently been trialled in the US before rolling out to other countries, including South Africa.

YouTube App Ads

App ads are also going to be added to the top of mobile search results on YouTube, and starting this month, users of the video streaming service will start seeing app ads when viewing videos on their smart devices. These in-stream video ads could play before, during or after a video, and they will be skippable.

Loading Screen Ads

Although not confirmed, it has also been suggested that ads could start showing up in the loading screen of your apps, displaying an ad in teh otherwise dead time during which an app loads.

In a Google Ads blog post, VP of Product, Mobile App Advertising Sissie Hsiao, wrote “Our new app open ad format allows you to show ads to your users as they wait for your app to load. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your app’s branding, this format gives you new ways to earn revenue while creating a good user experience.”