Google Ads – What We Do

If you’re interested in advertising on Google Ads to bring more visitors to your site, here’s a short explanation of what we can do for you.

Google Ads Certified Partner

Net Age is one of less than 20 companies in South Africa that have completed Google’s requirements in order to become a Google Adwords Certified Partner, giving us the expertise to set up, manage and optimise your Google Ads campaign in line with Google’s own high standards.

The Google Ads Certification is granted to online marketing professionals that have demonstrated an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Google Ads system by passing examinations in the different fields of Google advertising. Holders of this qualification are certified as Google Ads experts, and have the expertise to manage an Google Ads account effectively.

Monthly Management Charges

Based on our long standing experience with Google Ads, we’ve got a reasonably good idea of the amount of time that is required to manage an account, based on the size of your account as determined by your monthly Google spend.

Most companies charge based on a percentage of your spend. At Net Age, we don’t care what you spend. We only charge for the amount of time we need to spend managing your account each month. We work on a minimum of 3 hours of management per month. However, if your budget is large, or if your campaign is complex, your account might need more management time than that.

What Is Google Spend?

The Google spend is the amount that is paid directly to Google for your advertising. The greater your spend, the longer your ads can be displayed for, or the higher you can bid on specific keywords.

In order to determine your Google spend, we subtract the monthly management charges (and automation fee if applicable) from your total Google advertising budget, and the remainder equals your monthly Google spend.

What We Do For You

* Account Creation
* Write Sellable Ads
* Analytics Conversions Set-Up
* Keyword Research
* Google Ads Conversions Set Up
* Negative Keywords & Site Removal
* Analytics Analysis
* Reporting
* Campaigns, Adgroups & Ads Creation
* Monthly Maintenance