Google Contributor Expanding

In November of last year, Google began rolling out the Google Contributor program, designed to allow people to reduce the number of ads they see, on the sites they visit.

Since they specifically say “on the sites you visit” this appears to target the Display Network.  It’s also interesting that they’re not offering to show no ads, but just that some sites will show fewer ads.  And sometimes instead of an ad, you’ll see a banner thanking you for supporting that site.

“Contributions” start from $6.99 per month, but apparently can go as high as $15. (We assume the more you pay, the less ads you’ll see.)

From what we can see, it appears that Google will still pay a small amount to the website each time an ad is removed.

Contributor isn’t available in South Africa yet, but if you feel like paying Google around R100 a month to see fewer ads on websites (that participate in the Display Network), you can join the wait list here: Contributor By Google.

Or, y’know, use an ad blocker.