Google Increases Ad Transparency For Publishers

Google has introduced two new updates in their AdSense feature that will increase transparency for publishers regarding  AdSense policy violations, hopefully making it quicker and easier to understand, and resolve, policy violations.

Page Level Action Policy

To begin with, Google has made changes regarding how they address AdSense policy violations, improving the technology and refining their response.  Previously, if Google found a policy violation on any of your ads, the whole site was punished. Effectively, ads from the entire site were suspended due to that single ad in violation of policy. This made it hard for publishers to pinpoint the  policies they were in violation of, and how to take appropriate steps in properly addressing the policy violation.

The new on page policy actually specifies the specific page containing the ad in violation of AdSense policies, and takes action only against the ad in violation. This will  make it easier to manage and resolve the specific policy violation. Gone are the days when a whole site could be punished for a single ad in violation of policies.

New Policy Centre For AdSense Users

In addition to the changes to how policies are enforced, Google will also be officially launching its new policy centre.  The policy centre will be useful for keeping publishers updated on all policy violations brought against them by Google’s AdSense team, and the appropriate actions that they should take towards those specific policy violations. Google is going to also provide step by step guidelines to help publishers quickly understand and properly resolve policy violations.

The policy centre will also open up communication channels between publishers and the Google’s AdSense team, making it easy for publishers to notify the AdSense team once they have resolved the policy violations brought against them and are ready to have their page reviewed. The policy centre’s main purpose is to make it easier to understand Google’s AdSense policies, how they are implemented and the actions taken against every policy violation.

With these new additions to Google’s AdSense, hopefully publishers will be able to effectively avoid policy violations and have a better understanding of what the regulations and policies regarding Google’s AdSense entail.

They’ll also be adding policy centres for other publisher platforms over time.