New Google Ads Interface

Google is rolling out a redesign on its Google Ads interface to all account holders. While many think added features when they’re expecting an update, the main focus of this one could really be termed ‘customisable simplicity’.

The update actually strips away the interface to a certain extent, so that data interaction becomes more easy and intuitive.

New ‘Campaign Type’ Feature

The biggest development to come from the update is in the ‘Campaigns’ tab. Users can now select between different campaign types, depending on the depth of details required for their campaign.

Functionally it will have a better flow by allowing users to operate their campaigns on different levels of technicality, without being inundated with unnecessary options that clutter and confuse their objective.

For instance, people creating a Search Network campaign will now be able to choose between: Standard, All Features, or Product Listing Ads. Each selection returning only options relevant to those specific types.

Sleek New Look

Google’s official Google Ads blog had this to say of the design of it’s new interface:

“The latest web technologies have been used to make the interface more visually appealing and zippy, while keeping the features where you are accustomed to finding them.”

The look is much lighter and more pleasing to the eye, which some might call a secondary concern, but can make using the service a much more aesthetically pleasant experience.

Being less distracted by redundant details and a clunky interface can go quite far in improving productivity for those making quite extensive use of the service.