SA Google Ads

In a bid to increase customer online presence in SA, Google Ads has launched a local support system for Google Ads managers. The hope is that with increased support, SA Google Ads will be able to grow at exponential rates and benefit the advertiser as well as the host site Google.

Support to Google Ads managers comes in the form of resources, training and seminars to develop the skills required to successfully manage Google Ads campaigns in the country. Clients finally have accountability in the form of a contact number that they can call if they have any queries regarding their campaigns.

Previously, South Africans were quite cut off from the Google world with regard to support but now geographical borders really have been eliminated and locals can fully enjoy the potential offered by SA Google Ads.

More About How Google Ads Works

Google Ads is a pay per click marketing tool that has taken the world by storm. A company can create a PPC campaign at Google’s website in a matter of minutes, after which the ad will be displayed on results pages of searches conducted with the search engine. The placement of the ad is determined by specific and unique keyword phrases that are related to that used in the wording of the ad and the content of the landing page.

Advertisers don’t pay to for this service or even to have their ad displayed on the results page. Payment is only incurred once someone actually clicks on the ad. This is the meaning of pay per click advertising and it is what makes it the cheapest and most far-reaching marketing tool the world has ever seen.

When signing up for a SA Google Ads account you can set a daily limit for the amount of money you are willing to spend. In this way you have complete control over how much your PPC campaign will cost you. Using software from Google, you will also be able to track and monitor the progress of your campaign to see how well it is doing.

The main aim of a SA Google Ads campaign is not only to increase the volume of traffic to your website but to ensure that this traffic is more targeted and of better quality than just general browsers. This will in turn result in higher conversion rates for your clicks and thus improved return on investment for your company.

Managing Your Campaign

The data collected in PPC ad management can be used to strengthen your campaign. You will be able to see how many clicks your ad generates as well as how many of those are converted. Using this information, you can make adjustments to your content or keyword use to further optimize your ad.

It is not enough to get hundreds of clicks because each click will cost you and you must keep this in mind. What you have to work for is converting those clicks to actual sales, leads or contacts because this is what makes the money you spend worth your while.