South Africans Online

According to the Global State Of Digital In 2019 report by Hootsuite, South African’s spend among the most time online of any country, with an average of nearly 8.5 hours a day spent online, compared to a bit over 6.5 hours a day for US users.

This is despite the fact that we still have a below average internet penetration, with only 54% of our population connected to the internet, compared to a global average of 57%, and a US penetration of 95%.

Cell Phone Usage

We also have a higher than average amount of time spent online via mobile devices, averaging around 3.5 hours a day spent online with a phone is SA, 16 minutes more than the global average of 3 hours and 14 minutes.

Social Media Usage

The report also reveals that around 40% of South African internet users have active social media accounts, led by WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app that is SA’s most active media platform, with 90% of internet making use of the platform, followed by YouTube with 84%, Facebook at 82%, and Instagram at 54%. Twitter was accessed by 42% of internet users in SA, and LinkedIN at 38%.

Twitter usage in SA has dropped by 27% (I wonder if the elimination of fake / bot accounts contributed to this), while both Facebook and Instagram usage saw a 4% increase, and 48% of South African internet users stream content.

First Time Decline

After 5 years of continuous increase, the global average time spent daily online decreased by 1.7%.