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Writing Content for Conversion Optimisation

For companies operating in an e-commerce environment, or for those businesses that rely heavily on revenue generated by their website, it can be easy to make the mistake of focusing the design of your website purely on a tight conversion funnel that takes the customer from arrival to purchase in as few steps as possible. […]

Content Freshness

‘Content is king’ has long been a web and SEO mantra, but recently the concept is getting a fresh boost, with the great emphasis Google is placing on it in their recent weighing algorithms. Both Google’s Panda and Penguin updates quite heavily reduced the weight of the PageRank metric (Google’s link weighing algorithm) in their […]

Readability And Website Content

One of the factors that influences your content as far as visitors to your site are concerned, is the readability of the text. Readability isn’t just about your font, text size and layout, (although those are factors too), it’s literally about how easily what you’ve written can be read. I’ve mentioned before that people online […]

Content Is Packaged Information

The internet is driven by information. And in this day and age, it could even been said that it’s drowning in it. The ease with which the internet brings information on any conceivable topic direct to the user has had unexpected side-effects on the way that content is both presented and received. Content effectively consists […]

Content and User Perception

The users perception of your brand, product or service plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your online presence. In many cases, whether implicitly or explicitly, it is by the quality of your content that you are judged. Online credibility can be hard to come by. If you have a well-known brand, or a product […]

The Contents of Content

You’ll find a lot of articles on the internet today telling you how important content is. “Content is King,” they say. And they’re right. But what exactly is content? And why is it “King?” Technically, everything that appears on your website can be considered content, in that your site contains it. In the context of […]

The Importance of Content

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of content when you’re going through the process of putting an online platform in place. When you’re planning a website, you’re understandably concerned with its appearance, and the functionality it offers to the end-user. With all these issues to think about, the actual content of the site is often one […]

Is Content King?

The importance of content, good, quality content, on your website is second-to-none in terms of link building and optimisation for organic searches. The Power of Inbound Links I know that it cannot be denied that quality, relevant inbound links give your website unmatched credibility in the eyes of search engines, like Google, and that that credibility gets […]