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Facebook Reduces Click Bait

When it comes to Facebook, the term “organic reach” refers to the percentage of your followers who will see something you post in their feed.  In what many commentators have suggested was an attempt to encourage people (or at least companies) to pay to “promote” their posts, Facebook has, in recent months, reduced the organic […]

The Facebook Knowledge Graph

It’s probably one of the biggest upcoming developments for both Facebook users as well as search engine marketing firms. Facebook’s own knowledge graph, somewhat similar to Google’s, will give users much more intuitive search capability when using the Facebook search engine. Essentially turning it into a high functioning social search engine. The feature hasn’t been […]

Facebook Optimisation for Businesses

Businesses managing an online social media campaign know how hard it can be to properly engage with their market. This is especially true with the social network Facebook, which is generally a very personal network. And even if users do ‘Like’ your brand, and you are essentially in their spectrum, there’s no reason for them […]