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Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

At the end of September, Google retroactively announced that they had implemented a major rewrite of their infamous search engine algorithm, that they were naming “Hummingbird” for its speed and precision. According to Google’s Amit Singhal, who discussed the algorithm change with Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, Google actually rolled this out a month ago, […]

The May 2013 Google Penguin Update

The Penguin algorithm, introduced to combat poor quality sites, has had many websites bracing themselves for ranking changes since its release in April of 2012. So it stood to reason that a release dubbed ‘Penguin 2.0’ would have as many, if not more, significant changes than any of the previous releases. However, despite Matt Cutts’ […]

Upcoming Google Algorithm Updates According to Google

The updates which Google release for their algorithms, Panda and Penguin, are often considered a cause for some alarm for SEO agencies and businesses that source much of their business online. The effects of the update can range from the barely noticeable to the utterly catastrophic. Especially, if Google suddenly decides they’re not fans of […]

Exact Match Domains Targeted by Google

Google is constantly working on its algorithms. They slightly tweak the weight of certain ranking factors, they add new ones and then carefully examine the results of the data refresh. But even with these highly sophisticated algorithms there are still many low-quality websites that rank very well by manipulating certain ranking factors. One that has […]

The Google Panda and Penguin Updates

They’re the most heavily discussed of all of Google’s algorithms, which is why updates for the Penguin and Panda algorithm tend to make webmasters quite anxious. And when they wake up to check their rankings, only to find them violently shaken by the update, they’re essentially left to guess as to what exactly the new […]

Google Updates for June and July

After a near two month break, Google finally decided to release its normally monthly Search Quality Highlights, the list of changes to its interface, algorithm and search behaviour. They certainly weren’t slacking off though, with a list of 86 changes. We highlight some below. The changes look to affect the rankings in a variety of […]

Questionable Keyword Strategies That Still Work

As search engine algorithms become increasingly sophisticated, and as the search engines publicise these advancements, many SEO practitioners have been led to believe that many of the keyword strategies they used to employ have been cracked down on. However, a user will still find low quality and generally spammy sites on the first page of […]