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Google Algorithm Update January 2012

As we’ve described before, Google has taken the previously unprecedented step of releasing a monthly announcement, describing the changes that were made to its algorithm during the previous month. In keeping with Google’s policy of not revealing too much, the announcements are fairly general, but it’s still a good way of keeping track of what […]

Google Algorithm Changes

A recent post on the Official Google Blog showed a list of the 10 most recent improvements to the Google search algorithm, that complex piece of code that determines which websites to show for any given search. Most of these changes relate to foreign language searches, and the improvement of auto-complete options and cross-translation, and as a […]

Fresh Google Algorithm Update Planned

Google announced today that they’ve started testing their latest algorithm change, designed to provide the freshest results for searches. According to their official blog, the new update will impact around 35% of searches, and is intended to help the search engine determine when you need the latest results for a search, and what degree of […]

Google Algorithm Never Complete

I’m sure that by now, everybody is aware of the latest big update to Google, that launched in February, and went global just a few days ago. And you’re probably equally aware that Google makes regular changes to its algorithm. What you might not know, is that Google is pretty sure its algorithm will never […]

Google Panda Update Goes Global

As you’ll know if you follow the online news, (or keep up with our articles), Google launched a major update a couple of months ago, now known as the Panda Update. Initially, it was only implemented in the US, but Google assured everybody that it would soon go global, so worldwide, online marketers held their […]

Surviving The Algorithm Change

Google changes its algorithm a lot. More than most people ever realise in fact. Last year for example, Google changed their algorithm 550 times. And in most cases, nobody really notices much, except for the SEO professionals. This time round though, there’s been a bit more noise than usual about the latest change. It might […]