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Google Product Review Penalty

Earlier this month saw scenes of confusion as Google dished out a manual penalty for “unnatural” links to an unknown (but apparently large) number of webmasters. A manual penalty (as opposed to an algorithmic one) is a penalty which was individually applied to sites the Google found to be violating one of their policies, in […]

On-Site Content Writing Tips For Sematic Search

The introduction and increasing development of Google’s semantic search – otherwise known as the Hummingbird algorithm update – has not so much thrown the SEO rulebook out the window (despite what many online marketers are saying) as made the rules less black-and-white, and more intelligent. In light of this era of enhanced search engine marketing, […]

Hummingbird And The Future Of Search

Late last year, Google rolled out its new search algorithm, named Hummingbird, with the aim of giving users more precise results for their searches. In the past, the Google search results page would be made up of a ranked order of approximate answers (to a user’s query) based on keywords. With Hummingbird though, Google has […]

Google Wants Content Above The Fold

According to Matt Cutts, speaking at PubCon 2011, Google may soon be penalising pages on which relevant information is difficult to find. This change is intended to impact pages on which relevant content is hidden by advertising, and the algorithm change that they’re testing will try to determine what is the most important information on […]

Google Expands Site Links

Site links have been around for a long time now. Since 2006 in fact. You’ve probably noticed them, used them, and forgotten about them without ever knowing what they were called. And now they’ve been updated by Google. Site links are the small secondary links that you get under a search engine result, when there […]

Search Engine Optimisation Is Google Optimisation

Although the industry is called search engine optimisation (SEO), the truth of the matter is that most websites, especially in South Africa, want and need to optimise for Google. This is because Google lays claim to a majority market share in the search industry. Google truly is the giant of search and to optimise for […]