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Google Panda 4.0 Rolls Out

If you’ve been following along with the on-going state of the SEO industry, you’ll know that recent times have been fraught with changes.  On that score at least, things have stayed the same, in that they continue to change, and Google’s latest evolution has been the roll-out of the latest update to the Panda algorithm, […]

Using Google Ads Data For SEO

Anyone practising SEO these days will know that there is a growing shortage of valuable data. As Google applies more privacy measures on how it shares data it collects from its users and limits the depth of its data in other tools, the oasis of demographic and search behaviour data has dried up considerably. Google […]

SEO Best Practices

Since the release of Google’s algorithms Panda and Penguin, a lot of SEO practitioners have been left wondering how effective the traditional optimisation practice are, which formed the foundation of SEO. But many misunderstood the purpose of these algorithms, which was to make web crawlers more intuitive of human interest and cut down on spamming […]

SEO For B2B Market Websites

Marketing to businesses on the internet has been somewhat of an uphill battle since its inception. The main issue is the level of complexity involved in these sales. A consumer is far more likely to take a chance buying a DVD online than a business looking to purchase a R 1 million supply of building […]