Tips For an Effective Landing Page

The landing page is what’s responsible for the majority of a website’s conversions. This is because it’s the first consequential decision making point. As such, it could be called the linchpin of any website’s conversion funnel.

Many websites under-appreciate the importance of the landing page, often misunderstanding the real goal.

Make It Clear and Simple

* Don’t create too much clutter. Visitors may not be sure what to do and simply leave.
* There must be a focal point on the page. If not the form, then perhaps a promotional message that concisely communicates the benefits of signing up.
* A landing page should have a clear objective. Don’t try to get the person to sign up and submit feedback on the same page.
* All information considered necessary for the user should be on the page, or at least linked there. Don’t allude to a concept on the landing page that isn’t explained on it. If there are Terms and Conditions, include them in a link on the page.

Simplify Your Form

Don’t ask too many question on your form. Inputting a lot of personal information often makes people either re-think their decision, lose interest or worse, become suspicious of the offering

If there’s no way of getting around the depth of information required, introducing several steps in your forms will help with the issue. It will also make the landing page seem less eager and impersonal.

If possible, a follow up e-mail or even an introductory phone call to get the rest of the information can also be very effective. Depending on what your market is, this may be the human contact needed to successfully convert your prospect.

Stick to The Message

Nothing on the page should be seen to conflict with the promotion. Including humorous images that apply to a specific section may seem like it would break the tension but it may just confuse the visitor and dilute the tone.

The Call to Action button is also important as it’s the final step in this particular decision. The point of no return, so to speak. Making it more inventive than simply ‘Click Here’ isn’t a bad idea at all, a more aggressive CTA may even increase the conversion rate. But you should probably avoid using one that says “Rock On!” on a motor insurance quotation site.