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Why You Should Use Call Tracking

Calls Account For Over 50% of Business Leads

When you’re calculating how effective any form of advertising is for your business, you need to make sure that you’re taking all types of leads into consideration.

Call Tracking helps you make better decisions about investing your budget by helping you include the calls that your advertising is generating as part of the equation.

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Call Tracking Benefits

How It Works

Call Tracking Solutions

Every business is different, and uses different ways to advertise their service or product offerings, so we offer different solutions to meet your needs.

What’s Included

What It Costs

Select a static number package for individual ads, platforms or media, or one of the other packages which include a minimum of 10 Call Tracking Numbers, so you can display a unique number to 10 simultaneous visitors from any source, (All Website Visits) or 10 simultaneous Google Ads visitors (Advanced Google Ads) on your website at any one time.

This usually equals an average of approximately 300 visitors per day depending on your website traffic. For a more accurate estimate on your own site, share Google Analytics read-only access with [email protected].

Call Tracking
Monthly Cost Local Call Forwarding
Static Numbers
Choose 1 number for each place you advertise.
1 R310 + VAT 2,000
5 R1,190 + VAT Unlimited
10 R1,990 + VAT Unlimited
20 R3,150 + VAT Unlimited
Google Ads
10 R650 + VAT 5,000
25 R1,490 + VAT Unlimited
50 R2,490 + VAT Unlimited
100 R4,390 + VAT Unlimited
All Website
10 R310 + VAT 5,000
25 R310 + VAT Unlimited
50 R310 + VAT Unlimited
100 R310 + VAT Unlimited

Cancel at any time.
Additional local call forwarding minutes billed at 10 cents per minute.
Cell phone forwarding available from our telecoms partner.

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