Understanding how visitors use your site, and why they use it that way, is critical in attempting to influence the way that visitors behave when they are on your site.  User behaviour analysis is a fundamental requirement for conversion optimisation, because only by understanding user behaviour can you make changes that increase the likelihood of visitors to your site converting.

Testing and optimising your site is a long term process, that ideally never ends.  To do it right, you need to involve strategists, marketers, writers and designers, and you need to understand that simply testing something is no guarantee that it will work.  If it doesn’t, you need to test something else to find that ideal combination.  We offer a range of different options for analysing, testing and optimising your site.

Google Analytics Set-Up & Management

The basis of all user behaviour analysis, when set up correctly Google Analytics allows you to track the activities of users on your site.  It's possible to see which pages were visited the most, how long visitors spent on various pages, where they arrived and left your site, how many of them submitted a form, and more.

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Call Tracking

Find out how many people are calling you from your site, or any other of your marketing methods, online or offline.  With our Enhanced Call Tracking for AdWords, you can even track how many people are calling from specific keywords you advertise on, and exactly what the people who called from your ads searched for.

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Live Website Recording

Make recordings of how people interact with your site and identify how they respond to it.  Watch video of their live interactions with the site.  See where they moved their mouse, what elements on the page attracted their interest, and where they clicked or tried to click.

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Heat Mapping & Click Density

Monitor how far people scroll on your site, and where they click on a page. Find out if your visitors are using the navigation the way you intended, or if there are distracting elements on the page. Make sure you keep important information where they'll see it, identify important page elements and rethink your content if users ignore it.

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Split Testing

Split testing is the classic method for optimising your conversions.  Drive traffic to 2 different versions of a page, ideally with only one major difference, and determine which version is more successful at converting visitors.  The winning page becomes (or remains) the main page, and then you test it again on a different element, and keep doing it until you have the most successful possible page.

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User Testing

The best web design can't predict how your average user will interact with a site.  User testing gives you the opportunity to get real, independent people to give you live feedback on their experience with your site when it comes to finding information, or performing specific actions.  Improve the user experience you provide, understand user behaviour, and identify areas for improvement with independent tests.

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