Ever since email became the default standard for communications in business, email marketing has been one of the most effective forms of reaching existing and potential customers that there is.  Multiple studies have rated email marketing as not only the most effective in terms of ROI, but also the easiest in terms of execution.  If somebody has been willing to give you their email address, don’t waste the opportunity.

Email Newsletters

The simplest way of keeping your clients up to date with new products, developments, or news about your offering is the humble email newsletter.  A monthly or quarterly email from your business to your clients, both potential and existing, can carry a range of benefits.
  • People who've given you their email address are already interested in your products or services, so you know it's the right audience.
  • Educate existing and potential clients about your business and your offerings.
  • Encourage your clients to think of you when they need what you offer by reaching out to them regularly.
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Drip Campaigns & Automation

Keep in touch with your prospective leads and automatically send them pre-planned follow-up emails.  Drip campaigns can act as regular sales follow-ups, or as a tool to deliver information about product or service types to visitors who've indicated an interest in specific things.  Whatever your objectives are, you can take advantage of drip campaigns to help achieve them.
  • Increase conversion rates by following up multiple times with your leads.
  • Keep your leads thinking of you during the buying cycle.
  • Notify potential clients of related products or services.
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Email Promotions

If you have a database of client or lead details, you can use email promotions to keep them up to date with your latest special offers, or important information about your service offerings.  Selling to existing clients is easier than selling to new ones, and if you plan your strategy well, you can leverage that lead database into new sales.
  • Increase sales by educating clients about your products or specials.
  • Use email promotions to help move excess stock or take advantage of seasonal opportunities.
  • Advertise new products to existing clients.
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