The constantly increasing scope of what is possible online has blurred the lines between the various online marketing disciplines, making an integrated approach more important than ever before.  Although we’ve tried to separate our services into some basic classes to make it easy to gain an understanding of the things we offer, there’s also a lot of overlap between them.

Website Design & Development

Your website is an essential marketing tool that needs to be carefully planned and implemented to make sure that it delivers the best possible performance, and helps generate the best possible return.

Our custom web designs combine best practices from several disciplines in order to produce unique sites that are user friendly and SEO friendly for a combination of effective performance and positive user experience.

We apply our understanding of your business goals, marketing objectives and overall strategy to the design of your site, and our packages include options for everything from one  page campaign sites and landing pages to mobile sites, basic websites and fully customised advanced websites with custom developed functionality if necessary.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (or SEO), is the practice of optimising your site and online presence in order to increase your rankings in search engine results for keywords that potential clients are using to look for the services or products you offer.

In a constantly changing online environment, it's important to remember that while the fundamentals of on-site optimisation have remained fairly constant, the effect of off-site factors and competitor optimisation mean that there are no guarantees.

In the end, Google determines who ranks for what, and they don't share much information on how.  (For obvious reasons.)  As a result, SEO should always be considered a long term strategy, and the amount of competition, and changing factors used by Google to determine rankings mean that effective SEO is neither quick, nor easy.

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Content Writing

Content is one of the most important elements of your website.  Communicating the right message, in the right way to appeal to your audience, is an essential component of the conversion process, and it involves far more than simply copying the text from your brochure into your website.

Professionally written website content needs to take into account not only readability and usability, but the also audience and the SEO requirements of on-page optimisation.  Ideally, it needs to strike a balance between information, encouragement, and call to action.

Website content writing is available as an optional extra for all our website packages.

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Custom Design

Our team of experienced designers will help bring your website to life.  We also offer custom banner designs for websites and advertising, and even custom logo design if you need it.

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