About Us

Net Age is an online paid advertising agency and data products business that supplies services to a range of different businesses, as well as to online and offline agencies in South Africa.


We created our first website in 1997, and over the years we’ve evolved to meet the needs of our clients by offering web design, development, email marketing, automation, SEO, website usability, social media and paid advertising. 

While we still offer these services to our existing clients, we’ve adjusted our focus to concentrate more on the paid advertising space, as we appreciate the immediate return on investment this offers to our clients.

Paid Advertising

We created our first paid Google advertisement in 2006 when it originally arrived in South Africa, and subsequently we were one of the first South African Google Partners.  In 2014 we were shortlisted for the Google EMEA awards in Ireland, and alongside only one other local agency, we’ve been invited to every event thereafter. We’ve been Google Premier Partner since 2013, putting us in the top 3% of Google Agencies in the country.

In addition to Google Ads, we’ve also excelled at other paid advertising platforms, integrating them into our client strategies as soon as they become available in South Africa. These include  platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Waze etc. and we have recently become one of the first SA agencies to be granted access to TikTok’s paid advertising as well.

Our teams are fully accredited in their various platform specialisations, and our long association with them has given us access to international support teams who offer help in optimising our client accounts.

We’ve achieved many successes for our clients thanks to continuously striving to grow their businesses, and for the platforms by achieving higher standards of optimisation with them

Industry Products

We’ve always pushed ourselves to be at the forefront of technology, and to date we have 3 successful products that we sell to the industry (and use for our own clients) which offer value to businesses by helping enhance the optimisation of their marketing objectives.

Call Tracking tracks the number of calls you receive from your advertising, MeetPAT shows you who your customers are and helps you to optimise your paid advertising, while RetailX ensures that your online store pricing is always as competitive as possible.

A 4th product (currently in development for a 2025 launch) will give the industry the tools to create POPI compliant opt-in databases of potential customers.

Our Team

Our people are the success of our business, and while we continue to expand with new talent, the existing team members who resonate with our values stay with us for years. Many of our staff have been with us for 10 plus years, and some even for more than 20.

We value our people highly, and many of those who have left to work at our competitors and other businesses have subsequently come back to us.

We work together for our client’s success, but when you spend so much time at work, it’s important that you’re doing what you love.

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