Upload your customers name and mobile number to generate an enriched visualisation of anonymised demographic data showing you where they live, whether they own a home, their age and gender, population group, marital status, LSM and more.

You or your agency can filter this data to create custom audiences for both online and offline marketing campaigns, and upload custom segments directly to Google, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram so that you can show ads directly to these customers, or use these platforms’ advanced matching technology to find similar audiences. 

Visit the MeetPAT website to learn more, or book a demo to see it in action. Pricing starts from R2,078 + VAT per month. 

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One of the biggest challenges facing ecommerce retailers today is the ease with which potential customers can check pricing across a range of suppliers, and with price-consciousness at an all-time high, ensuring you have a competitive pricing structure is more critical than ever before.

RetailX tracks your competitors ecommerce pricing, showing you their prices in comparison to yours, and helping you make sure you’re maintaining a pricing edge.

If you have an ecommerce store and sell products online, then visit the RetailX website or book a demo with our sales team to find out more. Pricing starts from R1,735 + VAT per month.

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Website form completions are only a part of the picture. Use Call Tracking to get data on how many phone calls your marketing generates, and which channel generates them, both online and offline.

Integrate into Google Ads and Analytics and track actual calls generated by your campaigns, ad groups, keywords etc. as conversions in your account, receive daily reports on missed calls, or post call data directly into Google Sheets to integrate with your CRM etc.

Visit the Call Tracking website to learn more. Retail pricing starts from R310 + VAT per month.

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