Adwords Click To Call

Adwords Click To Call is a Google Adwords service that allows users with internet enabled mobile phones to call your business directly, simply by clicking on the link in your Adwords advert.

A small green telephone icon alongside the advert title indicates advertisers with this feature enabled, and a click by a user on the icon will automatically dial the advertiser, right from the search engine results page.

Location Extensions & Phone Extensions

Google offers two ways of using the Click To Call service. The first, location extensions, allows you to assign different numbers to the advert, depending on the location of the user. Their call will automatically be directed to the location extension closest to them.

Using phone extensions, on the other hand, will create a link to the same local business phone number, no matter where the user is in relation to your business.

It’s also possible to combine the two options, so that one, location-specific number is displayed to people who are near you, while another number is shown to everybody else. The options you select will depend on your business.

Click To Call Costs

Google does not levy additional charges for the use of Click To Call. The cost to the advertiser is the same, whether the user clicks on your ad to visit your site, or whether they click on the icon to automatically call your business.

In addition, there is no charge to the users, beyond what their carrier would usually charge for a call. Clicking to call is exactly the same as if somebody had picked up their phone, and dialled your number. They’ll pay for the phone call, and the advertiser pays for the click.

You can find out more about Adwords Click To Call by clicking on the link.