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SEO in 2023: How AI and Voice Search Are Changing the Game

With every passing year, the digital landscape transforms, and SEO is no exception. As we immerse ourselves deeper into 2023, two prominent players are reshaping the SEO realm: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice search. Let’s dive into this evolving world. 1. The Rise of AI in SEO: Google’s algorithms have grown smarter with AI. Platforms […]

Understanding Google My Business Insights

Google My Business, (previously known as Google Business Listings) is a free directory-like service that allows business owners to list their business, and have it show up on Google Maps, and in local search results for searches. Over the years, the amount of real estate that’s been taken up by ads and local business listings […]

Internal Links and SEO

An internal link refers to a link on your site that points to another page on the same site. In practical terms, it’s what your site visitors use in order to navigate around your site, and broadly speaking it includes every link in your navigation, (both header and footer), and any links you may have […]

Biggest Google Algorithm Update Ever

Last week Google announced that they are in the process of deploying the biggest search update since the original launch of the search engine, in order to help them better understand the context of your question, and thus the question itself. Boolean Logic Since it first became obvious that there needed to be some way […]

Latest Google Update Boosts Reporting

In an announcement made earlier this month, Google reported that the latest update to its search engine algorithm is intended to increase the relevance of original reporting. Media outlets have frequently accused Google of costing them online traffic, and contributing toward a decline in their industry, with the search engine tending to show only the […]

Google Core Update June 2019 – Search Relevance

The latest update to the core Google algorithm began rolling out this month, and has been classified as a “broad” update. In effect, broad updates mean that Google has no actionable advice for website or content owners, and that there is nothing they need to do in order to “fix” any perceived changes. Google notifies […]

Mobile Page Speed – New Industry Benchmarks

Page speed has been one of Google’s over 200 ranking signals for nearly 10 years now, but it only became an acknowledged factor for mobile ranking in 2018. With that update, (the Page Speed Update), it became crucial for businesses to provide a fast web experience across the board. No matter what people are doing […]

Google Core Update

On March 12th 2019, Google released their latest update to the search engine algorithm. originally dubbed “Florida 2” by SEO’s, Google took the unusual (but not unprecedented) step of interrupting discussion to rename the update “Google Core Update – March 2019.” As is usual these days, Google was reticent about what this update would effect, […]

Google My Business Update

Up until recently, the Google My Business (formerly known as Google Business Listings) dashboard only showed your address when you went to edit it, and not a map showing where they believed that address to be. It looks like that’s busy changing now, with several users reporting that they are seeing a visual representation of […]