1) Commencement & Duration

1.1) The Google Ads Guarantee comes into effect from the commencement date of the campaign.

1.2) The Guarantee is valid for a maximum duration of the 3 month trial campaign, after which our standard terms for the service will apply.

1.3) The Guarantee offer ends once the KPI’s have been met, or on the continuation of services subsequent to the initial 3 month trial period.

1.4) Unused advertising spend will be rolled over into the next month, and any unused spend remaining will be credited should you cancel at the end of the trial period.

2) Refund Value

2.1) All Google Ads management costs for the 3 month trial period will be refunded in full should KPI’s not be met at the end of the trial period.

2.2) Total Google Ads Agency Commission for the 3 month trial period will be refunded in full should KPI’s not be met at the end of the trial period.

2.3) Google Ad Spend cannot be refunded.

3) Requirements & Conditions

3.1) In order to conduct the initial assessment and determine KPI’s etc. we will require access to your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts, as well as other advertising channels, Google Tag Manager etc. as applicable.

3.2) It will be your responsibility to ensure that Analytics, your website, Google Ads etc. are set up and tracking correctly, in order to make decisions based on accurate data.

3.2.1) The provision of incorrect data at any point in the process will render this guarantee offer invalid.

3.3) During the Guarantee period, you will need to commit to:

3.3.1) Regular (monthly) meetings with our team to discuss progress, and answer questions about the business etc.

3.3.2) Supplying detailed information on leads and sales data for analysis and optimisation.

3.3.3) Making necessary website or content changes based on performance. If necessary, the campaign will pause while these changes are made, with such pause not considered part of the 3 month trial period. Failure to implement required changes may invalidate your guarantee, or impact the KPI’s.

3.4) We will create a brand new stand-alone Ads account for your trial. In the event that you choose not to continue with the service after the trial, this account will remain our property.

3.5) No access will be granted to this account during the trial period, or on cancellation of the service.

3.6) In order for the Guarantee to remain valid, tracking must function correctly for the duration of the trial. Any cessation or failure of tracking will require at least a re-assessment of KPI’s due to the impact of inaccurate data on the trial.

3.7) In the event that the KPI’s are not met, and you choose to continue with the service regardless, you agree that your trial period refund will be forfeited.

3.7.1) Should you choose to retain our services in the event of 3.7 above, we will give you one month’s management at no cost.

3.8) This Guarantee applies only to the Google Ads Guarantee package, and not to any other service provided by Net Age.

4) General Terms

4.1) If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such finding shall not affect the remaining provisions.

4.2) No indulgence granted in respect of these terms represents a waiver of the terms, nor does it reduce the enforceability of any of the terms on which indulgence was granted.

4.3) If any of these terms becomes legally unenforceable, it will be removed from these terms without affecting the enforceability of the remainder of them.

4.4) This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.