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Ecommerce – Communicate Your Specials

If you have an ecommerce site, chances are you regularly provide special offers, discounts or promotions for your clients. Just having the special is not enough though. It’s important for you to make it easy for users to qualify for these discounts, or to be aware of whatever special offers you have available. Below, you’ll […]

Brands & Storytelling: Tell Stories That Matter To You

Telling stories is part of our makeup as human beings. We have been gathered around a “fire” for thousands of years, and the sharing, and eventual documenting, of stories has been a human constant throughout recorded history, and undoubtedly even before. As much as the world has changed, and social media, video chatting and many […]

Tappable Mobile Sitelinks

According to Google, more than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices, and in certain countries, mobile searches have overtaken that of desktop searches. So, it is no surprise that Google continues to make major mobile user experience improvements and updates. Some may even call it a “Mobilegeddon.” Based on their research, more than […]

Understanding Conversion Rate Optimisation

We’ve always said that when it gets right down to it, the objective of your website is to convert visitors.  A conversion could be a sale, it could be a lead.  It could be somebody signing up for your newsletter or creating an account.  A conversion is a specific action carried out by a visitor […]

SnapScan Implementing Ecommerce Payments

Already a common sight at retail outlets, South African based mobile payment application SnapScan has announced that they have launched the pilot phase of their ecommerce plugin. Using this system, customers will now be able to make online payments with SnapScan, as well as the retail payments they’re already known for. How SnapScan Works For […]

The Value of FAQs

We’ve all seen our share of very useful and entirely confusing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ or Q&A) sections. They can be a massive help when their questions seem to almost read your mind, but a very negative user experience when the questions and answers feel foreign and ambiguous to you. Many modern online marketers have […]

The Power of Subtlety in Web Copy – Speaking Your Clients Language

Let’s set the scene of a somewhat typical buying process. A prospective client discovers a need, carefully researches their options, enquires with a few suppliers, compares their favourite options and then making the purchasing decision. It’s a seemingly logical and linear process. As we know, in online marketing there are various factors that impede and […]

A Converting Landing Page Built on Solid Foundations

Conversion Rate Optimisation has become one of the more scientific online marketing practices. And for good reason. After all, paid search is too big an expense to just waste the conversion opportunity when someone arrives on your landing page. For those unfamiliar with the concept, conversion optimisation is the practice of tweaking and enhancing user […]

Writing Content for Conversion Optimisation

For companies operating in an e-commerce environment, or for those businesses that rely heavily on revenue generated by their website, it can be easy to make the mistake of focusing the design of your website purely on a tight conversion funnel that takes the customer from arrival to purchase in as few steps as possible. […]

Effective Landing Pages for B2B Advertising

The purpose of a landing page for a PPC campaign is often misinterpreted by companies. They think that it’s there to inform potential customers about their product offering and build some credibility for their brand by emphasising quality and service. What is really is though, is an offer. Its purpose is to achieve conversions, and […]