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Google To Alphabet To XXVI

Although it feels like Google's corporate reorganisation and the formation of the Alphabet holding company that became the parent company of Google, (even though Google was first) happened quite recently, it's actually been around 2 years now, much to my surprise. Now, Alphabet itself is forming a new holding company which, according to Google (it [...]

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Stay Online – Stay In Business

In the latest case of retail brick and mortar stores struggling to compete in an increasingly e-commerce focused environment, US toy giant "Toys 'R' Us" has filed for bankruptcy in the middle of the run-up to the lucrative holiday season. This is one of the largest speciality retailers ever to file for bankruptcy, and although [...]

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Google Increases YouTube Monitoring

After the recent YouTube controversy, Google has announced that as of September, they will be monitoring YouTube more than ever before in order to demonetise channels which are deemed to contain or promote hate speech and terrorism. This comes after significant losses due to advertisers withdrawing from the channel, after it came to light that [...]

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2017 Internet Trends To Look Out For

Since 2001 Mary Meeker has been delivering annual web trend reports, shedding some light on what direction the internet trend scale will take throughout the year. This years report boasted some 355 slides predicting where web trends are headed. Key Points From The Report Increased Internet Usage Internet usage has increased by about 4% compared [...]

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DMOZ Officially Closes Doors

In 1998, a new web directory launched in a challenge to the then pre-eminent Yahoo directory. Although it went through a few name changes and owners in the next few years, it was soon officially known as the Open Directory Project, and eventually as DMoz, or "Directory Mozilla." It's claim to fame was that, even [...]

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Could Your Facial Reaction Affect Rankings?

A recently published Google patent suggests that it may at some point begin using biometric indicators in order to modify ranking results based on the physical reaction of users to seeing specific search engine results on mobile devices. According to the patent, this would involve using your phone camera to detect and register your expression [...]

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.Africa Domains Available Soon

After years of legal challenges, the ZA Central Registry will finally be able to make the .Africa generic top level domain (gTLD) available to the public. ICANN, (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) awarded the control over the .Africa TLD to ZACR all the way back in 2014, only to have the decision [...]

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Browsers Warn Users Of Insecure Log-In Pages

As of the next update to Google's Chrome browser, (version 56) which will release by the end of this month, and the newest version of Firefox, browsers will warn users when entering password details on a page which is not served via HTTPS. It won't prevent people from entering their details on non-secure sites, but [...]

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Google Plans Mobile First Indexing

According to Google, the majority of people are more likely to search for information using a mobile device. It's certainly no secret that a sites mobile friendliness is important when it comes to ranking in search engine results, but in the near future, that will take on a whole new dimension. According to a Google [...]

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Real-Time Penguin Update Launches

Finally, after what seems like years (in fact it has been years), Google has announced the release of the newest, and last, Penguin algorithm update. It's the last one, because as of this update, Penguin has gone from a filter that was occasionally run on search results (the last time was in 2014), to part [...]

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