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Designing For Attention

One of the most critical things to bear in mind when it comes to website design is that the website, whatever it is for, is not being designed for you. (Whoever you are.) It's being designed for the user, and very specifically, it is being designed for the user to use. So try not to [...]

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Shopping Carts And Wishlists

In a recent study by user experience researchers and experts the Nielsen Norman Group, it was found that providing users with the ability to save shopping cart items for possible later purchase was a critical factor in providing an good user experience for ecommerce sites. From research performed across 49 ecommerce sites, the group found [...]

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To Animate Or Not To Animate

In a technological era characterised by sensory overload, your content is required to constantly compete for the attention of your audience. With increased internet access and blossoming interest in Instagram and YouTube-based media, it's clear that bold graphics and moving pictures are more likely to catch the attention of users, especially if they appear on [...]

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Above The Fold – Does It Matter

The origin of the term "above the fold" lies in the world of newspaper layout.  Anything that was visible on the front page of the newspaper when it was folded in half on news stands or racks was considered "above the fold" and it's a term that has not only crept in, but remained valid, [...]

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Designing Websites for the Colour Blind Visitor

Website accessibility is one of the popular new buzzwords in modern web design. Essentially it allows people: with physical disabilities, who speak other languages or who have device and internet connection limitations, the ability to use your site. One of the easiest web accessibility considerations is for colour blind people. When looking into designing your [...]

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On-Site Content Writing Tips For Sematic Search

The introduction and increasing development of Google’s semantic search - otherwise known as the Hummingbird algorithm update - has not so much thrown the SEO rulebook out the window (despite what many online marketers are saying) as made the rules less black-and-white, and more intelligent. In light of this era of enhanced search engine marketing, [...]

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Making Site Navigation Easier

When designing a website, it can be easy for someone to confuse the concept of exciting designs, with practical ones. People tend to think that if visitors find your website interesting, it will automatically result in conversions and higher brand recognition. In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. People crave intuitive paths when [...]

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Web Design For Instant Preview

As you may have noticed, Google launched their new feature, Instant Preview, two days ago, and already the web is abuzz with discussion of what it means for businesses in general, and web design in particular. So, in the true spirit of the internet, here's our take on what you'll need to keep in mind [...]

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Design for Ease Of Use

It's a well known fact that internet users, on average, spend less than a single minute on any given page unless there is a compelling reason for them to stay. This means that, when you're planning your website design, you have to design with ease, and speed, of use in mind. Across the internet, the [...]

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Effective Website Design – Less Is More

When it comes to hiring somebody to design a website for your business, you're usually paying attention to the goals you'd like your website to achieve. In other words, bringing you business, and converting visitors into leads. But there are other important factors that have to be kept in mind as well, and a professional [...]

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