Affordable SEO Services

So you own a small company that has a few outlets that offer services to the local area. Nonetheless, you’ve heard that even local businesses need some sort of web presence. Not just to attract new customers but to show the ones you have that your company is still relevant.

Finally, your website is built. You took some on-site optimization, like link building and keywords, into perspective but still, you’re all the way down on the fifth page of the search engine results page (SERP). And you’re worried that no one will be able to find you anyway.

You realise you need a professional who offers SEO consulting but you’ve used most of your budget on the web design. Are there affordable search engine optimization services that get results?

We explore some reasonably priced hypothetical packages that companies typically offer below, and their potential value to your company.

Content Batches

The problem may not be that your content lacks keywords, but rather that there isn’t enough if it. Trying to use a handful of keywords in a couple of bits of content makes sense from a website perspective but Google won’t appreciate it enough.

Publishing a whole bunch of keyword rich pieces of content on your website as resources or articles relating to your industry is a good way to get a lot of keywords and distinct content out there while still contributing value to the visitors of your site. These articles are normally quite affordable.

SEO services can also provide you with regular content so it also has freshness, a ranking factors that’s growing in importance.

Competitor Link Analysis

If you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, maybe it’s a good idea to see what your competitors are doing right.

SEO companies can have a look at the link profiles of your biggest competitors and see what kind of strategies they’re employing and how well they’re working. It can also be powerful indicator of what direction your link-building strategy should take, if there it’s effective.

The benefit of this lies in its relative simplicity as a link-building strategy and the data is quite easy to acquire. Although it can be difficult to spot linking trends on your own.

Site Assessment

If you can’t afford to have your entire website revamped and optimized, it’s always useful to know exactly what the problem is and if the potential solution is affordable. Search engine optimization services can give you a structured report on what needs to be worked on and where Google is penalising you.

Some of the factors that would be addressed in the report include:
• Your website’s structure
• Navigation issues
• The strength of your link profile
• Your page’s rank in target keywords
• Content value
• Current level of optimization