Does Your Company Need Facebook Marketing?

Well, according to experts, the answer is probably “Yes.”

And why is that you may ask?

  • Because Facebook generates more advertising revenue than any of its social media peers.
  • According to ““Marketers also stated that Facebook is one of their top 10 most effective channels, with 73% saying it’s either “very effective” or “effective for marketing purposes.””
  • It has more than 1.4 billion active users
  • People share 1.3 million pieces of content on Facebook every minute of every day.
  • There are 1 billion mobile app links enabled on Facebook.

And all these are just facts that can be found on the internet. The real question is how are any of these facts  are beneficial to  your business?

Digital or online marketing creates an environment where consumers can easily access all the information about a brand they need through searching for it. Thus this creates a platform where information is readily available and people are able to either  make purchase decision and find out what a brand has to offer or they can totally dismiss your brand.

Why Facebook works better than its social peers:

Content Marketing

  • With Facebook you can create relevant and valuable content for your audiences and give them a little bit more information about who & what your brand is about. You can display information about products/services offered by your business, specials that are on offer, information about your industry and even recreate your company personality online, demonstrating a human element when you engage with your audience.

Brand Engagement

  • Facebook marketing also allows for you as a brand to talk to your audiences, you can create a relationship, tell a story about who you are, answer questions timely and give worthwhile information about services/product on offer. It allows you to get an insight on what might be wrong within your business through reviewing the complaints posted on the page.You can create conversations on your page and get your audience to be your word of mouth “tools”, advocating for your brand.
  • They do this by sharing and commenting on what you post on your page and your overall brand. You can even amplify the impact of your short term campaigns through brand engagement and advertising on Facebook.

Brand Building

  • Consumers are now able to connect with your brand wherever they are, allowing for a space where audiences can engage with your brand more frequently.
  • Through searching on social media platforms consumers are able to see if there are actual people who identify with your brand.
  • Your brand personality is established on social networks
  • They are able to share your brand with their friends on Facebook by sharing and liking your page and this can even drive traffic to your website.

Reaching the right audience through targeting on Ad’s

  • Facebook gives us “human information’ and this is really just giving some information about the Facebook profile, or rather the person behind it, such as what they like, their job, interests, age etc and with this you are able to identify if target audience is aligned with who your actual audience.

In Conclusion

Facebook Marketing allows you to reach your audience where they are & more frequently. You are able to share content, engage with your audiences, talk to your audiences, respond when they have queries and really understand what is it that they are looking for when engaging with your brand. People do business with other people and they need to feel as though they are engaging with with a human brand.

Facebook is really about creating a relationship with your audiences & therefore needs to be nurtured constantly through frequent posts and sharing of content. And according to social media experts it’s now responsible for over 30% of all web traffic. If you’re not leveraging this channel, you’re leaving a lot of traffic on the table and your competitors with a lot of potential consumers.

Whether you are looking for leads, looking to attract more consumers, sell products, share content, be relevant and build awareness about your brand. People need to first know who you are and this can be achieved through Facebook marketing.