Effective Landing Pages for B2B Advertising

The purpose of a landing page for a PPC campaign is often misinterpreted by companies. They think that it’s there to inform potential customers about their product offering and build some credibility for their brand by emphasising quality and service. What is really is though, is an offer. Its purpose is to achieve conversions, and nothing else. It is a focused and succinct conversion funnel.

As such, your landing page shouldn’t try to do anything other than move people along this funnel. And the best way of doing this is by satisfying customer needs. Not their product needs but rather their need for information, encouraging them to feel comfortable moving to the next step of the buying process.

Be User Oriented

The landing page isn’t your chance to tell customers about how great the product is, how long your company has been in the industry or your commitment to customer service. It’s the place where you present your solution to their problem.

Because that’s what a business buyer is looking for, an effective solution to their company’s problem, not a new company to be friends with. Reinforce the fact that it is about them by using personal pronouns that apply to them (you and your) rather than you (we and us).

Have a Clear and Helpful Call-to-Action

The call to action link is often under-appreciated by those designing landing pages. Which is a short-sighted, when you consider this is next-step-of-the-conversion-funnel button. If people don’t know where to find it or aren’t sure what the result will be if they do click it, you may lose valuable conversions.

You should consider the fact that you are receiving visitors who are at different stages of the buying process. Include multiple calls-to-action which satisfy these different kinds of potential customers, so you can provide an immediate solution for any enquiry.

Don’t Ask For Too Many Details, Provide Solutions

When people decide to click on your call-to-action on the landing page, you should avoid asking for too many details in the subsequent form. People have low attention spans in general. This is particularly true with business buyers in a high-seller density market.

A long form may lose their attention or they may be suspicious of the amount of details required. Avoid making them feel like they’re making too much of a commitment.

Make Your Message Comprehensive and Interesting

To summarise, it’s important that when users come across your landing page, they feel like their business is the centre of the offering and that all the relevant questions they, and their superiors, may have about the offering are addressed.

If you keep your conversion funnel watertight and satisfy a range of need across the buying cycle, you won’t have make your PPC campaign an either/or decision for which market to target. Instead, you’ll be able to capitalise on every single click through.