Effective Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigning as a business concept is still very much in its infancy.
And as an infant it characteristically: unpredictable, hard to control, has a limited temper and is prone to sulking if you make poor decisions.

The one way it is nothing like an infant though, is in that the internet never forgets. Every input made with your digital campaign with have an almost permanent footprint and as such, it is very important to keep your message consistent and maintain a sense of dignity and honesty.

Although there are no rules carved in stone as to how to run an effective social media campaign, there are some guidelines to keep your digital footprint clean.

When You Start, Keep Going

Big picture, nothing can make a social campaign more ineffective than not being active enough in the process. People expect to have an exchange or at least acknowledgement when they mention you in a public forum or send you a message.

They also expect it in a timely manner. Always keep your responses cordial and duly personal, publicly if possible. It’s the only way to create a footprint.

It also shows not only that you’re honest and open but also lets you communicate responses to people who didn’t necessarily submit the query but have similar concerns.

Get Yourself Out There

Wait for your market to notice you and you may find yourself waiting a long time. It’s a dynamic and active process. This isn’t just important to be visible but it can also lead to reciprocal publicity from those you mention. How to get the ball rolling (and keep it that way)

* Regularly share relevant content with followers
* Maintain an Twitter presence
* Comment on blogs that have similar content
* Follow pages pertinent to your campaign on Facebook

Keep It Honest

People are normally somewhat effective at detecting insincerity in commercial marketing efforts. This is sense is much sharper when it comes to interacting with social media campaigns.

Trying to shamelessly plug your product or idea will only result in losing people’s trust and them ignoring you. Then your entire campaign look dishonest.

A social media campaign is a big composition of moving pieces. Handling even a single situation poorly can ruin the entire effort.

Social Media Is A Community

Most of the social media channels out there are based on an idea of exchange.

Always be willing to:

* Respond to questions in a helpful way
* Share content that would interest your followers
* Help people with their problems, as it relates to your campaign
* Although acknowledgement is appreciated, linking to people and blogs that have helped you with your content is always an honourable gesture (and may be returned).

Nice Guys Are The Only One’s That Finish At All

It seems obvious enough in the real world but people often forget to be courteous towards those they need something from.

Always try to maintain a respectful attitude towards those who share their information with you as well as well as thanking people for positive feedback or welcoming someone new who joins your network.

None of the above will ensure that your social media campaign is successful but it will at least afford you the opportunity to try again in the future if it is a failure. Because your image will still be intact.