Facebook’s PTAT Score

One of the many metrics that Facebook makes available to you is the “PTAT” score, or “People Are Talking About This,” but it’s a metric that is not always well understood. It can go up and down, and it’s not always clear what is driving the change.

Effectively, this is a measure of actions taken on (or about) your page, and although its accuracy can be questionable enough that Facebook doesn’t include it in its analytics, it is still a visible metric that can impact people’s perception of your page.

Although it isn’t necessarily something you should put great store in, it can have a positive effect on those visitors by making it look like your page is popular.

PTAT Calculation

According to ViralStat in the Medium article What Is Facebook PTAT, the following actions all have an impact on your PTAT score:

  • Page Likes
  • Likes, Comments and Shares
  • Answers to Questions
  • Event RSVPs
  • Photo Tags
  • Check-ins or Recommendations

For a full explanation of how the PTAT score works, and what it’s good for, click on the link above, and take a look at the article.