Flexible Reach With Google Ads

Those with Google Ads accounts can look out for a brand new feature in their campaign settings. Flexible Reach, under the Network tabs, will enable users to employ multiple targeting methods when launching their ads.

In the past separate targeting methods would need to be applied to separate campaigns, which was time consuming and didn’t leave much room for fine-tuning your campaigns and customising their targeting for a more effective reach. With this setting you will be able to more precisely control where your ads are placed, and what kind of peoples are exposed to them.

Campaign Level Settings

Under the Display Network the option can be selected over Broad Reach and Specific Reach. Then you can target specific placements or topics of your choice. However, you can ‘t reverse this once it’s enabled. Ad groups created from then on will automatically have the Flexible Reach option enabled.

Although Google plans, over the next few months, to make all campaigns that make use of the Google display Networks on the add-group level settings Flexible Reach by default.

Ad Group Targeting

You will be able to choose from various targeting methods at an ad-group level. So as different ads are added to the group, you will be able to individualise their targeting. Alternatively you can set bids for the various targeting methods.

Existing campaigns will retain their original settings, provided that you don’t add or remove any of your current targeting methods. Otherwise the ad group will start using the Flexible Search option.