Getting Users to Interact with You More on Social Media Sites

With the rising importance of social signals in Google’s ranking algorithm, an effective social media campaign has become more than just an internet novelty for companies on the bleeding edge of technology interaction. Now it’s a common standard for anyone marketing online.

The best, or rather only, way to get social signals is to get users to interact with the content you post. This can come in the form of shares, likes, comments or anything that shows users appreciate your input.

Let’s look at some tips on how to get users to notice your content favourably on social media sites.

Encourage Input

Social media, as the name might suggest, is essentially a dialogue between you and your community. Don’t be afraid to ask for their ideas and feedback on content.

This will create interaction just by itself, as well as make followers feel invested in your blog.

Share Other Authors

It’s not all about your brand. Try to share subject related content from other authors that your followers would find interesting. It will also get the attention of the author whose content you shared.

With any luck, when you write an interesting piece, they might decide to share it on their site.

Join Similar Groups

One of the only ways to become an opinion leader in your respective industry is to be active in the communities of said industry. This can be done either through social networks or just personal messages.

Then, when you want them to share your content on their site, it will be easier than just asking them out of the blue.

Publish Content on Multiple Sites

Don’t just publish on your own blog, that can really limit your potential audience. Writing guests posts for other blogs and interacting on social networking sites can bring some vital attention to your blog.

Show Appreciation to Those Who Share

Thanking, or at least acknowledging another author or user who has decided to share or positively interact with your content can be the difference between a one-time interaction and a valuable online relationship.

Interact on a Personal Level

Although it might seem obvious, remember that ‘social’ is the key component of an effective social media campaign. People don’t like personally interacting with a corporation, they like sharing with other people.

For example, try to use ‘I’ instead of ‘we’. It will give your posts a more human quality.

Highlight Important Facts

When trying to get people to click through to your content from other websites, make sure that the snippet and title highlight the most exciting facts in the post, so that it can arouse enough intrigue for them to click through.