Google Changes Mean Sleepless Nights

Do you ever feel that you’ve got a difficult job? You probably have. But let me tell you, you’ve got no idea what we have to go through working in the search engine optimisation field. Every time a search engine changes the way it does things, the SEO team at Net Age has to find new ways of optimising our clients sites.

According to Johanna Wright, a director of product management for Google, the world’s leading search engine has carried out 550 updates in the past year alone. That’s 3 updates every two days. And almost every one of them means a change in the way Google looks at, and indexes, websites.

Keeping SEO Current

In an interview, Ms Wright explained that by far the majority of the changes that Google makes are alterations to its highly secret formula for deciding which web pages and adverts to show, based on the keywords that users search for.

Regardless, what it really means is that every time a particular SEO strategy works, Google turns around and changes something, forcing us to update the way we approach search engine optimisation.

The Advantages Of Forge

This constant changing and updating highlights one of the biggest benefits of Forge, our proprietary development platform. Because all our client websites rest on the Forge platform, updates to the platform affect the behind-the-scenes framework for all websites immediately and simultaneously.

So while we spend days figuring out what we need to change when Google updates happen, all our clients get the same update, at the same time, without ever knowing about it. (Because the changes don’t affect their site directly, but only the framework and the way that interacts with search engines.)

Google Changes – How They Affect You

If you were on the first page of Google results yesterday, and today you’re not, chances are it might have something to do with a Google update.

And that’s the reason that search engine optimisation has to be an ongoing process. It’s an ever changing strategy that has to adapt to the constantly evolving nature of the internet.

And that’s why the SEO business never stands still. While algorithms change, there’s no time to hang around and see what happens. We have to work at it all the time.

And the ground rules are changing nearly every day.