Google Local Business Directory

Now that Google Maps has officially launched in South Africa, with all the functionality that’s associated with it, it’s become possible to add your business to Google Maps with the Google Local Business Centre.

This lets your business appear on Google Maps, complete with address, contact details, and even photos or video. Google’s advanced map features even include automated directions to your business, from wherever the user is based. You can even create and add online coupons, to give visitors who find you through Google Maps an incentive to use your business.

Get Your Business Details Online

It’s free to add your business to the Google local business directory, and keeping your details up to date is free too. And Google even gives you access to an analytics tool that will tell you where your customers are coming from, and what words they’re using to search for you.

You can add details for a single business premises, or up to 100 different business premises, (in the case of franchises for example), without any problems. You can even add the details of more than 100 premises, but to add that many, you need to make use of their bulk uploader.

Easy To Add

As with so many Google tools, it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is have (or create) a Google account, log in to the Business Centre, and click on “add new business.”

Then you fill out a few basic details, like your business name, physical address, phone number and website.

Next, you can add some supplementary information, like the category your business falls into, (you can enter your business into as many as 5 different categories), your business hours, the types of payment you accept, and photo’s (even videos) of your business or premises. Finally, there’s an option for any additional details you think are important.

Next you can preview exactly how your business will appear on Google Maps, and when you’ve got it perfect, you click on “submit” and send the information through to Google.

Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll have to verify it it before it will appear on Google Maps. Google offers 2 ways of doing this, either by phone, or by postcard. Once you’ve verified your details, (by inputting the PIN number Google will give you), your business will appear on Google Maps within 12 hours.

Once you’ve been added to the Local Business Centre, you’ll have access to your LBC homepage, where you’ll be able to see all the businesses you’ve added, and the status of your listing. You’ll also have access to a variety of statistics about your listing, including how many people have seen your listing, and how many have clicked on it to actually visit your website.

Advantages To Online Business Listings

When it comes to Google, there’s no such thing as over-exposure. It’s always good to have your business visible online, and having it visible online through Google is even better. Not only will it increase your exposure, but as Google adds local business directory listings to their search engine results, it’ll be one more place for people to find you online.