Google Plus Growth

In the middle of last year, Google began the launch of their social media product, Google+, among some justifiable scepticism. Then late last year, Google made it possible for companies to create Google+ pages. And at almost the same time, Google+ started creeping into search results and showing up…well…all over the place.

Now that there’s been some time for things to happen in the Google+ world, Compete, a traffic and data analysis company, has released a study on the performance of Google+ and the results seem to be positive ones.

According to Compete, Google+’s “plus one” landing page, (+1 being the social “vote” that users can give any page online) is receiving over 40 million unique visitors. Clearly, they say, the +1 button has seen a large uptake among users, with concomitant engagement in Google+.

Google+ Growth

With 40 million unique visitors in December, Compete feels fairly confident in labelling Google+a success, and suggests the the steep upward trend shows widespread uptake among users, and further, that continued growth should be expected.

Of course, we might consider to what extent Google+’s integration with all other Google products has driven this growth, but for the purposes of this article, that’s probably not important. (I do suspect that it’s a big part of it…if you’re invested in any sort of search traffic or optimisation, and Google looks like it will count this type of thing toward your rankings, of course you’re going to sign up, and pretty damn quick too.)

You can take a look at Compete’s full analysis in their blog post, Google Social Is Exploding Online.