Google Plus Hits Hundred Million Users

The question of whether Google+ will be an effective competitor to Facebook’s already long established, 800 million strong social network is one that people have been considering ever since Google announced its latest foray into the social world.

So far, they haven’t been that successful with previous attempts. However, the new Google+ might be the exception for them.

In fact, according to Web analyst Paul Allen, Google+ hit 100 million users on the same day that Facebook went public.

Increasing Growth

The rapid growth of Google’s new social network could be down to a number of factors, he says. Among other factors, he suggests that Google’s recent reduction in the age limit, opening Google+ to teenagers, and Facebook users dislike of changes to Facebook may be having a positive effect on the growth of Google+.

With the advent of Google+, we may be seeing the first viable alternative to Facebook.

Search Presence

Another contributing factor could be the increasing presence of Google+ content in search engine results, especially with the “Search Plus Your World,” further personalising search engine results based on Google account activity and preferences.

If Google+ is going to affect your search engine rankings, that’s a good reason for people to think that having an account can be important, perhaps even essential.

The World Is Watching

Everybody is paying a lot of attention to how Google+ is going to be working, growing, and affecting online interaction and content.

We’ll be watching too, and we’ll keep you up to date.