Google Plus Lowers Age Limit

When Google+ first launched, there was an 18 age restriction on having a Google+ account. Now that Google+ continues to expand, Google has reached out to the younger users that form a huge part of the potential social media demographic.

Improved Privacy And Safety

In what is almost certainly a dig at social media giant Facebook, Google+ is highlighting the safety and flexibility of its circles, (the groups of contacts) as a way of controlling what users share, and with who.

If, for example, you were a teenage user of Google+ and share something, Google+ will ask you to confirm that you understand that you’re sharing something, and who will be able to see it.

It’s also offering a number of other safety features, designed, it says, to help younger users maintain control over who sees what they post, and minimise the so-called over-sharing that is sometimes prevalent on Facebook.

A Growing User Base

Clearly Google+ is planning on expanding its user base, even as Facebook announces that it will be going public. Is this going to bring more young users into Google+? If nothing else, it offers a possibility for the people who are always threatening to shut down their Facebook profiles…