How To Get The Best Search Results

As pervasive as Google has become for almost everybody, there are still a few tricks you can use, to make sure that Google can give you the result you’re looking for.  According to Daniel Russell, senior research scientist for search quality at Google, these are the best tips he can give for getting optimum search results:

1: Perform Multiple Searches

Russel explained that a single search isn’t usually enough for Google to be able to determine your intent accurately, especially when it is a search for information on a complex topic.

Rather, he says, perform at least 2 searches on a topic to get a more comprehensive view of it.

2: Don’t Search Too Narrowly

Russell also said that a common mistake was to give Google the answer you were looking for, instead of the question you were asking. When this happens, Google will look for pages that contain the answer you supplied, even if that answer is wrong.

Rather, he says, simply ask the question, and then evaluate the results that come up, which should have a much higher level of confidence.

3: Search For Words You Don’t Recognise

His final advice was not to avoid promising looking search results just because you don’t understand some of the words. You may miss out on valuable information that way.

Rather, he says, Google the unfamiliar words, and they may help you get a better answer to your question.