Microsoft Bing Gets Twitter

According to a news report released today, Microsoft has gained the coveted right to index the hugely popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

After lengthy discussions, the deal between the two was announced yesterday at a San Francisco technology conference, and from now on, Microsoft’s search engine Bing will become the new way to discover what people are tweeting about.

Search Tweets As They Appear

Although both Google and Microsoft were engaged in the negotiations, it appears that the search engine giant Google was outbid for the right to index and display tweets as soon as they appear.

Twitter’s data has long been considered the most prized asset of the popular service, but until now, they have not succeeded in turning it into a revenue stream. However, it appears that this may now have changed.

If, as is assumed, Microsoft is paying for the access that they’ve been granted, it would represent the first significant revenue that the company has achieved. Microsoft has, so far, declined to disclose the details of their agreement with Twitter.

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