More Display Network Tips

The Google display network is a little different from traditional PPC (pay per click) advertising. Unlike the search network, which displays ads alongside search engine results when users search for keywords that you’re targeting, the display network displays your ads alongside content which is related to your service or product offerings.

Although this means users aren’t actively searching for your products when they see your ad, it nonetheless puts your product or business in front of them when they’re busy reading about the subject or industry that your business deals with.

In this article, we’ll briefly mention a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re writing ads for your display network campaign.

Include Your Brand

The display network will deliver a huge amount of ad impressions. This means that your advert will be seen by a lot of people. One of the primary differences between the search network and the display network is that fewer people are likely to click on the display network ad, since they’re not actively looking to buy that product.

But just because a user doesn’t click on your ad, it doesn’t mean that you’re not getting a benefit from it. On the contrary, the number of impressions means that people are at least seeing your ad. And even though they don’t click on it, they could well remember your brand name. Which is why it’s important to include your brand name in the advert.

Write For Your Target Market

Keep track of where in the display network your ads are appearing, (or control where they appear), and then keep your audience in mind when writing your adverts. If you’re selling shoes, pay attention to whether the site your ads are appearing on are mainly frequented by joggers, or by the fashion-conscious, and write your ads accordingly.

Knowing who might be seeing your ad can give you the advantage when it comes to writing ad copy.

Consider The Competition

Display ads work on keyword themes, and this means your ad could be competing against companies that offer very different products or services to yours. Keep an eye on what the competing ads are saying, and then make a point of being different.

Use Your Domain Name If Relevant

If your domain name reflects your product and keyword, then using it in your ad can enhance your credibility. The more specific it is to your offering, the better chance you’ll have of getting a click. The broader your domain name is, the less effective using it in an ad could be.

Calls To Action

Use a call to action to encourage clicks. The people seeing your content ad are not searching for your product. As a result, it’s even more important to use a strong call to action, to encourage them to click on your ad. Make sure you’re fulfilling the promise of your ad though, by making the landing page relevant.

Test Your Ads

Using the display network, you can display text ads, banner ads and even video ads. It’s important to test different types of ads, and even variation of your ads, to find out which ones work the best.

You might be surprised by what even a minor change to your ads can accomplish in terms of conversions, so make sure you try a number of variations, to figure out what works best.