Multiple Location Extensions For Mobile Ads

Google recently announced an update to the Google Ads location extensions that will allow multiple locations to display for mobile search ads.

This is great news for advertisers because it will help users to find the location that’s easiest and most relevant to them.

So if your business has multiple locations, you can now set your mobile search ads to show up to three different locations.

Location Extension Features

Seeing as this new update is all about giving the user options and making finding the business more convenient for them, the ads will be able to show either the street address for each business location, or the city that the business is in along with the distance from the user searching.

How these ads display is based on each user’s location settings on their mobile device.

This feature has been made available worldwide already, so we won’t have to wait for it to roll-out in South Africa.

This change will affect your ads automatically, and your local extensions will already be enabled to show as a single location, or in groups of two or the maximum of three.