SnapScan Implementing Ecommerce Payments

Already a common sight at retail outlets, South African based mobile payment application SnapScan has announced that they have launched the pilot phase of their ecommerce plugin.

Using this system, customers will now be able to make online payments with SnapScan, as well as the retail payments they’re already known for.

How SnapScan Works For Ecommerce

Paying online via SnapScan is almost exactly the same as paying with it at a retail outlet.  When you’re checking out, you just need to select the SnapScan button, and then “snap” the QR code the site will display with your SnapScan app.  You’ll be notified by both the store, and by SnapScan, when the payment is complete.

According to SnapScan’s head of new business, this is the same easy payment process their users are used to.  It’s just online.

Each QR code is generated specifically for the transaction, and includes the store name, the amount, and an order ID.

Why SnapScan?

Online payments made directly via credit card always poses a risk if you allow the merchant to store your payment information.  SnapScan, and similar 3rd party payment vendors store the information themselves, eliminating the need to provide it to each online store you purchase from.

This reduces your risk, as well as making payment faster and easier.

At the moment, only a few online stores are testing the new payment gateway, but the company is confident that it will become as widely adopted as their retail version.  They’ll also be making ecommerce plugins available to allow site to integrate with them.

For the user, there’s no difference between them.  It’s just another way to easily make online payments.