How Social Media Changes Brand Interaction

According to  The Content Factory, 81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social media platform to advertise & build their corporate branding. Some sources estimate that social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, so it’s important that we examine how this has affected the way that businesses or brands communicate with their audiences, and how those audiences communicate back.

Communication Has Evolved

The way in which we communicate has evolved a great deal over the last few years, and social media has had an immense impact on this. We have now had to adapt to the new tools of communication, while at the same time, creating a new culture of communication.

This new communication culture encourages a two-way communication in a way that is very new for most companies, constantly sharing brand information, allowing for collaboration from online audiences, with engagement, quick response time requirements and a greater audience reach for relationship, brand & reputation building.

Social media has changed how brands communicate online, making it easier to reach more audiences and also giving brands an opportunity to constantly build & re-create brand identity.

Two-Way Communication – They Talk & You Listen

Brands have an opportunity to connect with their audiences and create a platform encouraging people to ask questions, engage with the brand, and get information on brand. As a business, this also gives you the opportunity to get feedback on what you are doing right & wrong.

Understanding how you could be better, and what to highlight, allows you to create new conversations and, make the necessary changes in your communication approach.

Share Brand Information – Sell Your Business Through Socially Shared Content

Share your latest product information and service amendments without spending millions on brochures, billboards, radio adverts, pamphlets etc.

Gain insight to the products or services your audiences are enjoying, & what you may need to scrap out of your product catalogue to meet popular demand.

Social media allows business owners to gain insight on who their audiences are, where their interests lie, and what they enjoy. This communication allows for brands to collaborate with their audiences, and work at being better and providing better service.

Greater Reach – Target The People Who Don’t Get Your Brochures

Social media is able to connect your business with a variety of people through advertising & page management. Target people from a desired location, share content that generates leads and calls to action that drive profit and brand loyalty. Communicating to bigger audiences gives you an opportunity to build your brand and get more business.

Have you as a business owner established an online profile where your current or potential audiences can reach your brand? How  are your audiences communicating with you and what new ways have you found  to be effective to establish and build relations with your audiences?

Social Media has accelerated the way in which we communicate and changed the dynamics of communication, but another thing it’s given us is the ability to change and recreate the brand.

It gives insight into what you could be doing to be a better brand, and into how to speak to your audience in a way that encourages their trust and loyalty.